cloudHQ to save the day!

As a freelance photojournalist I have to be a good juggler also.

With clients to follow up with as well as clients to find; news items, research, images and quotes that can slide away quicker than mercury, I need a resource to help me find, file and keep all of the bits and bytes of information that come my direction each day.

Dropbox is great, Evernote is fantastic and Google Drive is tremendous.  But trying to remember which bit of data I put where can only add to the time that a story takes to get written.

An email showed up in my inbox this morning telling me about a new service called cloudHQ.  They offered a free 30day trial so naturally I had to test drive it.

One one click of the application button tucked away in the corner of my browser I can send information off to the internet and it will automatically be sychronized through all three of my offline storage areas.

I don’t have to worry anymore about where I put the phone number, that important quote or the elusive fact…just one click and I find it.

Now, if someone could make organizing my images as easy as cloudHQ organizes my data.

2 thoughts on “cloudHQ to save the day!

  1. Thanks for your kind comments, Jerry! We love helping writers backup their files into all of their online cloud storage systems! It’s so easy, and so much safer to have multiple copies of your work! Never leave all your eggs in one basket is our motto! If any of your readers want a special discount code, just have them comment on this thread and I’ll be in touch! Happy writing! 🙂

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