Suicide is a Permanent Fix to a Temporary Problem

Yesterday someone read one of my blog posts from awhile back, I’m Ready to Die. and they left this comment:

I am ready to die…noone cares about me….my family is gone or doesnt care about me and I have lost the things I loved (my pets)…..I cant find work because of health issues but I dont qualify for disability…..I am over 50 and no jobs out there for me and I dont own a home/house..time to call it an end………fuck this world…NOOONE cares…I am unemployed and screwed to the max….good bye..

I don’t know who the guy (I assume it’s a male) is and other than what he said in his comments, I don’t know what all is going on with him. But I have been where he is.

Life can give us unexpected surprises — both good and bad. Sometimes you can be on top of the mountain emotionally looking out across broad vistas with the sun on your face and the wind on your back.

Other times it can feel like the very gates of Hell have opened up and are threatening to swallow you. The blackest of blacks falls across your soul and the pain of taking another breath is only temporarily outweighed by the pain of not taking another breath.

There’s an old story that’s told around the tables of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).

Seems like a newcomer to AA was having a bad day and he called his sponsor:

“I feel terrible. Everything has gone to crap. My wife has left me. I’ve lost my job. I’m three months behind on the rent. What should I do?”

His sponsor slowly replied, “Don’t drink and go to meetings. This will pass.”

The newcomer took the sponsor’s advice and, sure enough, a few weeks later, everything was going his way again. He called his sponsor and said:

“I followed your advice. Things are going great. My wife and I are talking. I got another job in my field making more money and life is just terrific! What should I do.”

His wise old sponsor said, “Don’t drink and to to meetings. This will pass.”

I’m not going to offer empty platitudes to the man who wrote those comments. I’m not going to tell him to hang in here that life will get better.

Of course, life does get better, but when you’re the bug and everything else is the windshield, you just don’t want to hear Dr. Phil-type words.

You want someone to empathize with you and this is something I can do for the man who wrote.

I’ve been where you are. I empathize. If I can do more, please let me know.

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