Thanks Jonathan Wainscott for the Cup of Coffee!

Every couple of weeks there’s a small group of Argentine men that I get with and when we’re together the talk almost always turns to politics.

With the boneheaded moves of the inefficient and corrupt Argentine government, they have plenty of war stories to tell.

As I try to recall some of the best in American political bloopers I don’t have the deep well of choices which they have and so they usually win.

This week however because of a video that has gone viral on YouTube, I won hands down and walked away with the first cup of coffee that I’ve gotten from these amigos.

So Johnny Wainscott, to paraphrase a beer commercial, “This cafe is for you”.

Shouting Match

In America, courtroom tactics are taught to every law student. One of the old standbys says “If the law is against you, pound the facts. If the facts are against you, pound the law. If both the law and facts are against you, pound the table.”

Well, Johnny did a good job at pounding the table in this viral You-Tube video that shows his melt-down.

I showed my Argentine friends the video with the sound turned off so they could try to guess what Cecil had done to provoke such a reaction. Their guesses were all over the map.

“Did he insult his mother?”

“Did they speak about his body odor?”

“Did they question his manhood?”

Shaking my head, I said “no”, hit the rewind button and played it for them again — this time with the sound.

“What? He just called him a liar? He got so upset over being called a liar?”

Yep. Cecil called Johnny a liar and hence the meltdown.

Oh well — that’s politics in Asheville.

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LinkedIn Profile

For the last four people in North America that don’t know, LinkedIn is a social networking platform for professionals; think of it as kind of a white-collar Facebook. It’s a place to meet people, conduct some power networking and generally get to know business folks with whom you may be able to do business at some point in time. It’s a great tool to get familiar with if you haven’t already.

While having 1000+ contacts on LinkedIn doesn’t really mean that you’re that great a person, having zero contacts speaks volumes about you and who you are. Heck, even a recent college grad that just set up his first account with LinkedIn would have at least ONE contact even if he had to call his mother and get her to sign up.

How does Johnny do?

Zero contacts. Yep. Zero.

Despite being in Asheville since 1998 he has ZERO people with which he connects on the largest business, social networking site in the world. You can check out his LinkedIn profile here  just to see for yourself. And if Johnny has caught on to this and taken down his profile, here’s a screenshot that shows the infamous number of contacts.

Whoever heard of a political candidate with ZERO supporters?

Whoever heard of a political candidate with ZERO supporters?


Besides a place to show what you had for dinner last night and cutesy little kittens, Facebook can be a great place to get a behind-the-scenes look at a candidate and what people are saying.

Johnny’s Facebook page is weird, interesting and bizarre — all at the same time.

There’s a video of him with a weed eater and the comment with the video says — I’m not joking here, “One man and a weed eater! Asheville City Council Candidate Jonathan Wainscott taking it to the streets. Literally! Creating a safer, more attractive, bike able, walkable, multi-modal community for Asheville with his own hands. Vote Wainscott For City Council. November 5th!”

Now, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to be impressed by a City Council Candidate who believes he’s making the community “safer” with a weed eater; but that’s Asheville.

In another comment on Johnny’s FB page, he addresses his meltdown with a paragraph that starts by saying, “In the now infamous ‘Bull Dinky…”.

What the hell is “Bull Dinky”? Come on Johnny, if you mean bullshit, say it. Don’t mess around with fifth grade words like “bull dinky”.

Oh, excuse me, I guess you’re right. Using ‘bull dinky’ does fit in with the fifth grade temper tantrum you had which started all of this.

Johnny also has gotten called on the carpet on his FB wall.

Pepi Acebo said regarding Johnny’s temper tantrum, “ I was hoping for more of an apology. You lost your shit. You behaved badly. I’m not saying that you’re alone. I’ve certainly lost my shit and behaved badly before. As a council member, I would expect you to own your behavior and apologize for it…”

Well, it’s time to wrap this thing up and Johnny still hasn’t owned his behavior and apologized. Probably never will.

At the end of the day, it’s just another example of politics — Asheville style. But I’m not complaining. As long as clowns like Wainscott are still around, I can get the Argentine’s to buy me plenty of coffee.

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