10 Ways to Know You Are in Argentina

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December 1st, 2013 marks the one year anniversary of my arrival in Argentina.  Buenos Aires and I will never be the same.

Here’s a list of ten (with a bonus) items that I’ve pulled together to let you know how you know you’re in Argentina.


1. When the government lies about inflation but everyone knows it’s lie
2. When the people get screwed by Peronism but they vote for different flavors of it
3. When you use 3+ rates for the national currency to US Dollars
4. When you worry about the quality of something not made in China
5. When you ask what the best phone company is and you get a blank look
6. When you look for sweets that aren’t dulce de leche and there are non
7. You find out that a Spanish speaking country can have it’s own version of the English language.


8. When they come to a curve, they all leave their lanes and come and crowd to use ONLY ONE lane .. (the shortest lane).
9. When they drive at night with their head lights off. (and it is legal too).

10. When u buy grapes for $0.99 in 2005, and now $65.

OK, here’s a bonus three.  But read them only if you add a couple in the comments section!

11. When I had to pay the waiter to bring salt and pepper (available only by request) in a restaurant.
12. When they pronounce “y” and “ll” as “sh” and then call that a new language and give it a new name: “Castellano”.
13. When u miss bacon with your morning breakfast eggs.

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