Guest Post: The Natural Wonder of Hervey Bay

English: The beach in Hervey Bay looking towar...

English: The beach in Hervey Bay looking towards Point Vernon , by Cyron found on Flickr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of Queensland’s most popular destinations is also one of its natural wonders. Hervey Bay is both a peaceful aquatic paradise and a festival of fun activities. Its brilliant climate allows diving, swimming, sailing, fishing and water sports every day of the year.

If you’re there with the family, you can stay as active as you like. The WetSide Water Education Park is a 2013 Travelers’ Choice Winner. Designed for kids, it’s a free facility with play spaces for 12 and under, including a crawl space for toddlers. There are slides, buckets, fountains and jets. Sitting off the beach, there are shaded seating areas and a boardwalk.

The Hervey Bay Historical Village & Museum is another great family outing. Explore thousands of exhibits and over a dozen historic buildings. They also have free barbeque facilities. The Reefworld Aquarium and Shark Swim and Vic Hislop’s Shark Show put you up close with some of the world’s most fascinating water creatures. You can even feed the sharks! The family could also spend a day at the Hervey Bay Go Kart Track where there’s over 600 meters of track.

Of course, you don’t need kids to enjoy everything the region has to offer. Groups and couples can enjoy any of the attractions already mentioned. Hervey Bay has something that will put a smile on everyone’s face. The Bay is the place for up close humpback whale encounters. It is also near the world’s largest body of sand, Fraser Island. Fraser Island is home of the Great Walk, 90 kilometers of trails dotted with camp sites if you decide to truly explore.

For the romantic, Hervey Bay is surrounded by sheltered, tranquil waters. There is no better place for kayaking, yachting, jet skiing, wind surfing and any other water sport you could think of. For the journeyman fisher, charter a vessel and take advantage of beach, reef and game fishing. There are picturesque backdrops for enjoying a serene walk or cycling. The adventurous can do some four-wheel driving, or dive off the coral reefs.

The Esplanade is a great place for a nice walk or bike ride (or if you prefer, get out the rollerblades). It boasts some of the Bay’s best eateries, shops and a wondrous marina. Hervey Bay offers botanic gardens, specialty boutiques and discovering the legacy of the aboriginal people. You can take in some saliva inducing seafood. (Queensland, and Australia period, is famous for the surrounding freshness of its seafood.) Enzo’s on the Beach offers light meals, salads and wraps with a side dish of perfect ocean views. The eclectic Soul-Sa offers both sambal squid vermicelli and a juicy hamburger. There are many alfresco cafés, parklands, shops, picnic and barbeque areas, piers and much more to keep you busy!

A romantic holiday for two or a great outing for family and friends, Hervey Bay is a fantastic, vibrant destination for creating great memories. Come out, stay at any of the world class accommodations and see why Hervey Bay is one of the most popular holiday destinations around.

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