An Argentine Thanksgiving Turkey

3 kilograms.  The white plastic package that was holding this year’s Thanksgiving turkey was 3 kilograms.  I could pick it up and hold it like an old softball.  I don’t know how this was going to serve 8 people, but then I guess that wasn’t my problem.

Ale and I went out shopping yesterday to start getting some of the ingredients for my first Argentine Thanksgiving.  In a country that hasn’t had much to be thankful for between the wars, military juntas and corrupt dictatorships, we are going to try something that hasn’t been done.  Well, Ale is going to try it.

Knowing that I am homesick for America and will miss all of the Turkey day hoopla that goes on, Thanksgiving football, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and, did I mention football?  Ale spent a whole day online finding the Argentine equivalent of an American Thanksgiving.

Cranberries, pumpkin pie, green beans and turkey.  She invited 8 of our friends over to join this feast with us and then she commenced to stress , sweat and fret about how she was going to get everything done.  Thanksgiving might be a day off for people in America, but here in Argentina, November 28 is just another work day, so somewhere between balancing the end of the month books for her boss, washing my blue jeans, Ale was also having to figure out when to prepare the first Thanksgiving dinner she’s ever made.

Somehow Ale will pull it all together and make it happen.  I don’t know how she does the things she does, but she has the ability to take almost nothing and make a meal out of it, so I don’t expect turkey day to be any different.

Even with a 3 kilogram Turkey.

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