Dear Travel Agent: Take This Job and Shove it

Dear Ms. White:

Thanks for the recent invite to travel to (pick-a-country) to do a photo shoot and piece about the wonders that tourists there can expect.

I’ll pass on your generous offer.

I have no interest in doing a story about tourists that go to a touristy area to do touristy things only to return home and bore their friends with lousy images of what they did “on their summer vacation” as they brag about what ‘travelers’ they are.

However, if you ever want a story done about how the tourism industry is working to safeguard and protect human rights in the countries your email listed, then please, put me on the top of your list.

Again, thanks and blessings
Jerry Nelson

Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist looking at social justice issues worldwide.  Email him today at:



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