I Remember the Ballfield in Hot Springs, VA

I remember that ballfield.  Burger, Shaver, Rocky, Ricky, myself and others would gather on the field every day after school during the season to practice and many of the same crowd would play each week during the summer.  Those were happy times, and while I never hit — or came close to it — a homerun out of the park there, I did take a tumble down the hill behind right field into the briars and tangles that coveredd the slope.

I’m glad to see they put a fence up for klutzs’ like me.

It’s almost Thanksgiving in America.  Here in Argentina it’s 80 degrees and folks don’t have much to be thankful for.  Inflation is running about 26%, (President) Kirchner is playing musical chairs with her cabinet — and her choices aren’t any better than the last one and ‘portenos’ struggle to make it through another day.

Even though I’m not in the US for this Thankgiving, I still have plenty to be grateful for.

“Mi esposa”, Ale, and some of her friends know how much I miss the holiday season in the US.  So, on Thanksgiving Day, we’re gathering in the community room of the apartment building and having an Argentine Turkey Day.

Someone is bringing a turkey, someone else the cranberries and Ale, bless her, is working on making a pumpkin pie happen.

So even though I miss the ballfield in Bath County, I still have much to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from somewhere in Buenos Aires

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