If You’re a Writer, a Photographer or Photojournalist, Read this to Get More Assignments

Life as a freelance photojournalist can get crazy.  Editors to please, images to process, articles to write, travel arrangements to be set up and the list never ends.

One of the biggest headaches are proposals.  They must be done or there won’t be any work next week — or next month.  But they’re a headache.  Getting the wording right, presenting a quality, appealing proposal that will move the next potential client off dead center and get them to give me the nod for that next assignment.

Despite being headaches, proposals still need to be given.  Without a quality, easily read proposal, nothing else can happen.

Being in this business for a number of years, you’d think that I’d have the proposal-writing-pain-in-the-neck down.  You’d think I could do it in my sleep.  Well, if that’s what you think, then you’ve never tried to balance the deadline for that last article, post processing yesterdays images with crafting a creative inquiry  to an editor who has no idea what life as a freelancer is like.

Surfing online one day a few weeks ago I stumbled across QuoteRoller.  Having a few minutes to relax before heading out the door, I started looking at their website.  While I was reading it, the sun rays broke through the clouds on my calendar and the angels started singing.  Well, not quite, but the feeling was there.

I read more and discovered that I had stumbled across exactly what I had been searching for.  An easy-to-use, comprehensive way to create eye-catching proposals.  With a website that is intuitive and gems of inspiration scattered throughout, QuoteRoller needs to be in every photojournalist’s bag of tools.

Give QuoteRoller a try, you can get two weeks free by clicking here, and if you tell them that Jerry sent you, they might even throw in a cup of coffee at Starbucks — or maybe not.
Jerry Nelson, Photojournalist

Featured ExpatBased in Argentina, Jerry writes about social justice issues throughout the world and his work has been picked up by major media outlets globally.

This blog you are reading is featured on the internationally known blog forum, ExpatsBlog.com.

Have a story tip or idea?  I’m always on the lookout for unique people, places and things.  Everyone has a story to tell.  Not everyone can tell their story.  When you have a unique story and you’re ready to share it with the world, please keep me in mind.  You can see some of the media outlets my work has been featured in by clicking here.  Ready to have your story told?  Contact today!

Jerry Nelson is an American freelance photojournalist.  When not traveling, he can be found on the streets of Buenos Aires as Lead Photographer for BuenosTours, the largest private tour company in South America.  Connect with Jerry on MosaicHub, Facebook or LinkedIn today.  Have a story that needs to reach national media?  Email him today.

Find Jerry on Google+

Ready to do business?  See samples of my work in my portfolio, proudly sponsored by Marc & Dean at PressFolios.com  If you’re a journalist, photographer or blogger, be sure to check out their services!  I use QuoteRoller for all of my proposals and pitches.  It gives the best means of catching the potential clients eye; just another way to make sure you get the end result that you want!


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