Some Amazing Things in This Adventure Called Life!

Since I’ve been doing this traveling thing with a camera and a pen, I’ve had the fortune to see and do some amazing things. Here’s a few items from my website where you can also see images.

“Get out there with me and watch the ravens fly through the dazzling glow of a remote slot canyon, watch the northern lights dance over the snows of Denali, walk with the lions and tigers in Lujan, roam the barrios in Buenos Aires looking for the next photograph, stand in the plaza as the Pope gets installed, watch in amazement during the Prayer Dance of the Native Cultural Center in Tennessee, break bread with veterans from the Falkland Islands war, listen for the choppers at the M*A*S*H set in Malibu, drift on The Snake River as we pass The Grand Tetons, stay silent in the Sonoran Desert as we wait for the Mexican drug cartel to appear, break bread with the Shoshone in Idaho, walk a knife-edge ridge in the Smokies and sit around the campfire in the Ozarks with other veterans. Fish for Pirrhana in the Amazon, watch autumn leaves fall in a gentle snowstorm in Patagonia, stand with me as 300 buffalo stampede towards us in Eusick, Washington, marvel at a palm tree swaying dark against a billion stars while camping on a moonless night in the middle of the South Pacific, sail a 16th century ship through the sound into open water, be ’embedded’ with OccupyDC during the winter, live with rugged miners in even more rugged Appalachia and drink Dr. Pepper on the front porch of the old Hatfield homestead in Mingo County.

A few more of the things I’ve had the priviledge of doing:

Laying on a mountain with no noises but the wind rustling through the leaves and a stream flowing near by, the stars so bright and close you feel like you can reach out and touch them.

Setting by the fireplace in a house on a mountain in Alabama, listening to the roar of the river almost right outside the door.

Sending out an urgent last minute request for a couch to surf on and having a total strange say, “You can stay with me”.

Watching the sun set over Stone Mountain with two new friends.

Meeting the President of the United States IN the Oval Office.

Seeing the courage and grief on the face of a person in New Orleans who has been beaten down by the world, but refuses to give up.

Standing outside my tent in a pine forest in Georgia with a moon so full and bright it’s as though daylight never left.

Talking with “Mz Mamie” in Jackson as we shelled butter beans in her kitchen infront of her woodburning cookstove.

Flying 4500 feet in a powered parachute on my maiden flight…nothing around me…nothing under me…just me, the breeze and the sun…awesome experience…thanks so much Lionel for making it happen!

Playing stickball with Omar in Dallas and having him tell me again his dream of being the first kid in “the hood” to go to college.

Climbing up a hill in the French Riviera at 6am to have breakfast and watch the sun rise from a postcard perfect little town perched at the top while the locals still slept.

Falling asleep beside the Mississippi…listening to the noise of the river accompanied by a freight train far off in the distance.

Attending a wedding at a church in Rome with the Vatican in the background. Helping (well actually more watching than helping) Habitat for Humanity in Altavista, VA do a blitz build on a home for folks…I got to the site and there was only a concrete slab in place…when I left 36 hours later there was a finished house!

Sitting out a rainstorm on top of the amazing Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.

Add these to the list: Pyramids, Stonehenge, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, Big Ben, Colosseum, Arc De Triomphe, Berlin Wall, Loch Ness, Trevi Fountain, Acropolis, Canals of Venice, Notre Dame, Trafalgar Square, Suez Canal, The Holy Land

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