4 Ways to Save Money and Energy on Air Conditioning

English: A Honeywell electronic Thermostat in ...

English: A Honeywell electronic Thermostat in a store (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you’re looking at the electricity bill, there’s always one thing that you think about changing in order to save some money.  That whopping home  air conditioning  unit which is parked somewhere out back.  Air conditioning tips, home air conditioners, Florida and heat all have a strong history.

 1. Adjust the thermostat

Make sure you have a programmable thermostat to save energy by increasing the heat during the day when the house is empty.  If you give up a couple degrees at night, especially on the hottest days, you will be surprised that the difference between interior and exterior temperatures matters as much as the temperature just inside your home.  Setting the thermostat at 78 degrees, together with winter energy savings, a programmable thermostat can save up to $150 annually.

2. Clean the air filter

Regardless of how old or how new that a/c unit is, a dirty filter will make it work harder to cool the house.  Working harder means more energy which equals a higher cost.  Check the units air filter monthly and plan on changing the filter every three months.

 3. Get an annual checkup

Have an annual checkup done on that a/c unit and make sure it covers both the heating and cooling season.  A professional should be able to diagnose any inefficiencies before you’ve wasted money on monthly heating and cooling bills.

4. Think small

Cooling one room with a window air conditioning unit requires much less energy (and investment) than a central air system. Ask yourself how you’ll use your new air conditioner, and choose the smallest option that works. The government’s Energy Star site has a pocket guide to help you choose the right air conditioner for your space.

2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Save Money and Energy on Air Conditioning

  1. I think your #4 suggestion is quite sound! Ductless air conditioning is quite a bit more efficient and helps control room temperatures far better than a central system. For example, at my house, our computer room is boiling in the summer (triple digits in the Sacramento Valley), while our living room is far cooler. I actually heard about ductless systems from a local Sacramento air conditioning contractor contractor that installs the Mitsubishi units. They’re really efficient and quiet!

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