Publishing Guru Michael Masterson Retires

Sometimes it’s just life when someone with a lot of insight and knowledge retires.  Other times it just means that the retiree isn’t really retiring, but rather working just as hard at a different endeavor.

Such is the case with, Michael Masterson, who is retiring soon after what seems like years leading the online portal “Early to Rise”.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, his parents were professors of communications and literature at Molloy College in Rockville Center.

In 1962 he launched his first business, a kitchen-table publishing company that produced and sold pamphlets such as Excuses for the Amateur which he sold for a nickel apiece to his classmates.  Also in 1962, Ford wrote his first poem.

In 1980, Masterson got a job with a publishing start-up in Boca Raton, Florida.  In an interview with Boca Raton News, Masterson remembered tha tthe first newsletters they published were typeset and pritned with outdated equipmeent and didn’t seem to bother the customers.  With time the production facitlies were improved as revenues increased though.

With the combined revenue exceeding $135 million, Masterson decided to change jobs in the 90s and branched out.

An American author, entrepreneur, publisher, real estate investor, filmmaker, consultant and art collection, Masterson has also been the master of direct marketing and a leader in the publishing industry.

The author of books and essays on entrepreneurship, wealth-building, copywriting and economics, Masterson has also produced a book on word use titled Words that Work as well as a book of poetry.

What does the future hold for Masterson?  Time will tell.

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