Top Three Features of Every Good Golf Course

courseOften a golf course’s quality is described in language that doesn’t really assist the reader in understanding anything about the course.  Flowery words and local jargon might describe that dog-leg fith with the green from purgatory, but that’s more subjectve: a great golf course, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  Out of the housands of courses in Flordia, one that constantly makes the top ten list is the Boca Pointe Country Club. Favored by golfers from around the world, Boca Pointe Country Club sums up nicely the three most objective tings to look for when determining the courses value.

When you’re getting ready to go, golfing in Boca Raton Florida, make sure to keep an eye out for these three features.

 1. Uniqueness of holes.

Most golfers like holes that make you think at the tee box and challenge you to play the hole strategically.  While aestehtics mean a great deal to many, for most the course needs to simply be attracved and well maintained.

 2. Conditioning.

Includes placing premium on minimizing environmental destruction. Over-fertilized fairways, over-manicured paths between holes, extreme deforestation, etc. is not always good.

 3. Challenge.

Each hole should test different aspects of your game, not be a cake walk OR a torture session. If the hole is tough, make it easier to putt, if you give me easy access to the green, I expect a difficult pin placement/putting challenge, etc

Bad course features: too many homes along course, overcrowded/poor ranger effectiveness, tricked up holes that look like they are attempts to startle you or play trick shots instead of solid shots, and I have to admit, too much water.

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