Yahoo Censored Email Messages About “Occupy Wall Street” Protests

Those were the days…

The Oldspeak Journal

Oldspeak:”Wow. Big Brother Is Watching You. Yahoo’s email censorship policies perfected in China are now being implemented in the U.S. If you choose to transmit links to a website Yahoo finds objectionable, your actions are  labeled “Suspicious Activity” and your ability communicate it is denied. “It’s not the first time Yahoo has been accused of political censorship. Yahoo officially partners with the repressive Chinese regime to provide the government with access to emails related to groups viewed as dissidents. An explosive investigation by Der Spiegel found that Yahoo provided Chinese authorities with access to emails from journalists, and the snooping resulted in the same journalists being sent to prison camps” –Lee Fang The Thought Police are getting more and more brazen in theirs efforts to manipulate and control everything you think, see, hear and feel.  Yahoo has since explained away the censorship as “Unintentional”. One can only…

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