Funny How Life Can Change Quckly

confusingtrafficsignIt’s strange sometimes how fast life can change directions. One minute we’re in our life, seemingly everything planned and a direction in which to head. The next minute, life has changed, done a 180 and we’re off in a different direction.

When that happens, we can either fight the current or go with the flow. It’s like being in the middle of a raging river. We can struggle with all our might against the changes and wear ourselves out while getting beaten up by the rocks, or we can layback, relax, catch our breath and let the current of life take us whichever way it’s going to take us.

The rapidity of life changes has been on my mind for a week or so. I’ve been thinking about the shooting in Jacksonville. The direction and future of two lives were changed within 60 seconds. This piece isn’t about the rightness or wrongness of who did what in that convenience store parking lot.

It’s about how two human beings were transformed and their life paths altered in ways they could not have imagined when they pulled into the parking spaces that day.

I’m going through such a life change this moment. While not as explosive or final as what happened in Jacksonville, it’s a life change never the less.

I can fight it. Or go with the flow. I choose the latter.

I’d be willing to share the details with anyone that is interested in hearing. But the details are strictly between you and I.

This blog post was just about how quick life’s directions may change.

Feel free to email me with your thoughts, comments and whatever else is on your mind.  My email is Jerry (at) JourneyAmerica (dot) org

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