Pablo Has My Mac

Pablo Has my macOn December 31, 2013, a young man arrived in Buenos Aires from America. He flew in on Avianca Airlines and when he landed he found out his luggage had been lost. Officials from Avianca Airlines delivered his luggage the following day, but his laptop was gone. It had been stolen.

Ten days later, security software which he had installed, began sending him images of the current user, Pablo. Along with Pablo’s picture were screen shots of what he was looking at.

Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist covering social justice issues globally.  Currently based in South America, Jerry could use your help in his latest crowdfunded project.

Pablo was trying to become the administrator of the laptop.

“Policia” in Buenos Aires and Argentina have not been helpful. They are among the most corrupt law enforcement agencies in the world and are not trusted by 77 percent of the Argentine population.

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