This One Might Piss Off Some Activists in America. I Hope It Does

In America, there is a “wannabe-activist” named Kevin Zeese. I say “wannabe” because Kevin hasn’t really done much in the way of activism, he only writes about it. Much of what he writes is completely wrong. Lately, he’s written a little about Venezuela. People would respect Zeese more, maybe, if he had’ve actually taken the time to visit the oil-rich South American country. Zeese writes about (President) Nicolas Maduro in such a way as to make the dictator sound like a misunderstood orphan who is just trying to do the right thing.

Zeese has a history of re-writing history. His website lists him as a “co-founder” of OccupyDC. Anyone with a first grade education knows that there were no founders, co or otherwise, in the Occupy movement. It was a natural progression which grew out of a widespread discontent. But Zeese would know that if he hadn’t gotten kicked out of Freedom Plaza for trying to be “Mr. Occupy.”

In Asheville, North Carolina, there’s another wannabe activist. This one proudly tells anyone that will listen that he is a “Wobbly.” He also has publicly admitted that Zeese is a model activist to be admired and emulated. This peckerhead in North Carolina also points to Maduro and the situation in Venezuela as a “successful” example of socialism in the 21st century.

One day when I see these two men again, I’m gonna kick their ass, just for being so stupid. If they were ignorant, that would be different. You can teach an ignorant man something. But there’s no help for stupid.

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Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist covering social justice issues globally.  Currently based in South America, Jerry could use your help in his latest crowdfunded project.

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