Behind the Story: FBI Releases Documents Showing Hitler Escaped to Argentina

Whew! This is a story that is like the proverbial onion. There is no end. As soon as you peel off one layer there are 33 more go go.

I’m not so sure if I believe that Hitler died in the bunker or if he died in Argentina. There’s no physical, tangible evidence of either. The amount of circumstantial evidence though points to Hitler surviving Germany and escaping to Argentina and dying an old man in his 70s.

There’s several things that support this idea.

#1 Argentina, under Peron, was a favorite spot of Germans. Many had settled here before the war broke out.

#2 Peron got wealthy “selling” Argentine passports to Nazis in exchange for gold, jewels and paintings that the Nazis had stolen from their Jewish victims. Some of the treasure is still on display in “Casa Rosada” today.

#3 It’s well known that other Nazi leaders, such as Eichmann, escaped Germany and lived for awhile in the land of “la pampas.”

#4 A documentary, produced by Noam Shalev, is coming out soon that includes two interviews with Argentines that lived in La Falda, worked at the Eden Hotel and actually met Hitler while they were there.

Like I said the story just keeps on going.

What’s your thoughts and ideas about this? Leave a comment below.

Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist covering social justice issues globally.  Currently based in South America, Jerry could use your help in his latest crowdfunded project.

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