Behind the Story: What is that Smell in Argentina?

The other day, I wrote a piece for GuardianLV called “What is that Smell in Argentina?” Briefly it was about the rising tension in Argentina due to President Kirchner’s bungling of the economy and the corrupt nature of her administration. All pretty reasonable and can be proven. No one doubts that Argentina’s economy is heading south fastern than the Titanic.

And then this morning, I noticed some goofball named “Gus8027” provided this comment.

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 12.03.36 PM

I can’t reply to Mr. Goofball on the media website like I would prefer, so I’ll just tell him here.

“Mr. Goofball: You DOUBT Argentina is going down the crapper?  What country do YOU live in.  And by the way, you called me a xenophobe and racist. On what do you base that. You know what, the only other idiot I’ve ever run into like you, that makes decisions without any accurate information whatsoever, is that guy named John S. back in Asheville. Now there’s a peckerhead you should meet.


Oh yah, Sarah at Koinonia is one of your types two.  All three of you can kiss my ass.


Blessings and have a nice day.

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