Buenos Aires Tourist Mugged at Gunpoint, Live on Camera

Despite reassurances from the Argentine government, both crime and inflation are spiralling upwards out of control.

Argentina’s Security Minister, Sergio Berni, has responded to the increase in crime by pulling the national police force out of Buenos Aires – not a shrewd move if you want to decrease crime, increase tourism and help your party win the 2015 presidential election.

Posted with the original story on Uproxx.com, the caption says:

This might be the most heart-stopping video you’ll see this year. A guy was on a bike tour in Buenos Aires when a thief on a motorcycle cut him off and pulled out a pistol. The thief repeatedly asked for his backpack (mochila) while waving his gun around. The man not knowing what to do dropped his bike and made a run for it.

The whole action-packed sequence was caught on the tourist’s GoPro. Here’s the dramatic moment where I pretty much crapped my pants.

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Jerry Nelson is an American freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer. Busy on assignment in South America, Jerry is always interested in discussing future work. Contact him today.

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