The Top Mistakes Authors Make When Posting on Facebook Writers’ Groups

Don’t bother. Because Facebook Author Pages don’t attract their own traffic, they don’t usefully separate professional from personal. You will always get far more engagement on your personal page. (Try posting the same link or post or picture to your author page and your profile and see who shows up where.)

Instead of spending time posting your great American novel in writer forums post a link to it on Twitter or elsewhere.

Who is active in Facebook writing forums? Other writers who are more interested in selling their own book than in buying yours.

“Shouldn’t writers support each other?” is a question asked dozens of times on forums which attract newbie writers. Of course, they should — but be realistic.

If you’re active in a forum with 299 other writers, are you willing to buy 299 books which may be no good? Or even if they’re good, they don’t all fit your interests?

Before you answer that, answer the question “Why aren’t YOU supporting other writers?”

What should I do before I post for a writers’ group?

Outside of Facebook there are other writers’ groups. Wait. Before you post for a writers’ group, find out if the group is interested in online participation. If the group is, make sure you have an updated blog and are following the writing group’s posting guidelines.

Jennie Nash, an author and book coach, and the Chief Creative Officer of Author Accelerator, points to The 4 Hidden Dangers of Writing Groups.

Jennie writes:

1. No one tells the truth and no one really wants to hear it.

2. Struggling writers are not often the best judges of struggling writing.

3. Struggling writers are not often the best judges of struggling writing, Part 2.

4. Failure is not an option in a writer’s group, but failure is a part of the writing process.

Jerry Nelson is an American writer living the expat life in Buenos Aires. Some of the adventures Jerry has enjoyed, he

Jumped into the ocean from the flight deck of an aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Aden, cut off a goat’s balls as part of a mating ritual in Indonesia, raced a NASCAR around the oval in Charlotte, created a small coin purse out of live Tarantulas in Australia’s outback, spent six-weeks with the Sinaloa cartel along the U.S./Mexican border and sailed a 16th century schooner through the sound and into the open ocean.

Never far from his coffee and Marlboros, Jerry is always glad to discuss future working opportunities. Email him at and join the quarter-million who follow him on Twitter.

Jerry is a recognized writing pro on Fiverr.

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