7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Jerry,

    We spoke on the phone several times, please give me a call regarding, my cottage in Vermont.

    Bart Bononno
    PS I cannot find you phone number.

  2. Jerry:
    Re: Coffee Table Project
    In preparation for your cold Vermont visit, I suggest you review my brother’s website and be sure to click on “Books” and then “Vermont People”. The site is: . He is a vet so perhaps you can get some help there. This is from your notice in our Department Newsletter.

  3. My daughter said you remind her of me. But you have hair. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s that slightly blue aura. Maybe it’s the year 1955. Good luck on the picture snaps.

  4. I was looking up straw bale homes and I came across your site. I’ve been enjoying the your chats and I love the photos.
    Pictures of trees/woods/ferns are my favorite. Also the fall harvest scenes of pumpkins and colorful trees.
    I was once up in Woodstock Vt. in the fall. When leaving, I was traveling ,West out of the town of Woodstock as I cornered a bend . To my left was a Hillside Mountain top a Blaze with colors of reds,oranges,yellows and greens ! It was the most beautiful sight I had ever scene! And I did not have a camera!
    Seeing your photos brings back some good memories…and to remind me to Always take my camera along for the ride.

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