No Indians in Tennessee

Yes.  You read the title of my new book correctly.  The official policy of Nashville is that there are no Indians in Tennessee.

Ol’ Andy Jackson started the rumor back in the early 1800s when he signed legislation to forcibly move all Indians to Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma).

That hare-brained policy has been followed blindly by the pencil neck politicians in the state capital ever since.

There’s a group of folks though that are working to change that.  They are the Native Cultural Circle in Clarksville, TN.  Made up of men, women, children, half-bloods, whole bloods and anyone else that believes the tradition of the Cherokee need to be kept alive are welcome to join and help.

The Cherokee in Oklahoma are jealous of the Cherokee that live in Tennessee and have promised Nashville many dollars to keep from recognizing the Cherokee that live in the Volunteer State if Nashville will work with the Oklahoma Cherokees in putting in casinos.

In the meantime, much history is being swallowed and lost through a combination of corrupt politicians, greedy tribal leaders in Oklahoma and an apathetic public.

Held the second weekend of October each year close to the Port Royal Historic site, people gather to celebrate a culture and tradition that goes back eons.  Unlike the powwows held in Oklahoma which have become money making tourist attractions, the Native Cultural Circle keeps alive the original spirit of the Cherokee.

Your purchase of this book will help make future powwows possible so that more can learn of the traditions.

And by the way, if you’re a Nashville politician or a Cherokee out of Oklahoma and this introduction puts a burr under your saddle, feel free to contact me.  The name’s Nelson. Jerry Nelson.

Filled with over 200 photos from the 2012 powwow, this book will be a treasured gift for anyone on your Christmas shopping list.  Pre-orders are being accepted now and the book will be available for purchase no later than October 31, 2012.

For more images from the 2012 powwow, click here.

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