Share your photos and blog today!

Think you have OUTSTANDING travel photographs?  Want to show them off?  Here’s a place to do it where your photos will be seen by thousands daily.  Please read and understand the following and then email me with lo-res photos.  Please visit the website, for the type of photos we’re looking for.

NOTE: All blogging submissions must be in correct HTML format and copied and pasted in your email.  DO NOT send a blog post as an attachment.

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Completely unacceptable.

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Please FORMAT your HTML properly within the body of the document. It is up to you to make sure links are formatted correctly and work. Guest blog posts will NOT be edited.

Terms and Conditions for Blog and Media Submissions TERMS AND CONDITIONS for Guest Bloggers

The terms “blogger”, “submitter”, “guest blogger” are herein referred to as “user.”  All users submitting written work and media to do so with consent to the following TERMS AND CONDTIONS:

1. and users enter a good faith agreement upon submission that all blogs submitted to are the user’s own work and not plagiarized.  All quotes and work from third parties may be used with permission from the authors and/or creators only with consent, within reasonable limits.  If sourcing from another author/creator, users will ensure credit is given appropriately.

2. Users do not get paid.

3. Users allow to publish and use the blogs at’s discretion.  Blogs will be kept on and not sold to third parties.  Users will not be paid any royalties or profits that may result from submission of their work.  At request of the user, will provide a link to their web page, unless deemed inappropriate by

4. wishes to retain integrity of submission and a good relationship with all contributors and readers, and retains the right to edit the user’s blog. is not bound to inform the user of any edits made prior, during or after publication.

5. The objective of publishing Guest Blogger submissions is to provide public enlightenment about travel, adventure and photography, not public incitement. is not responsible for the content of blogs and media submitted by guest bloggers.  User retains responsibility for blog content.  It is recommended that if the user is submitting non-fiction content that could offend a third party that names of individual persons and animals be changed to protect all involved. retains the right remove and reject any submission considered to be in poor taste.

6. retains the right to update these TERMS AND CONDITIONS at any time.


Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist. Currently living and working in Argentina he focuses on social justice issues. Known internationally for capturing events in a documentary style with an eye towards the aesthetic, his work has appeared in CNN, USAToday, Huffington Post and others. A nomad at heart, he is always looking for that next gig which will take him over the next hill or around the next curve. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or visit his website, or email him today.


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