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  1. I run You Go Live in Utah and blogged about Koinonia and thought your comment was amazing. And am so glad that through it I found this. Both of my grandfathers were vets and my grandfather who is buried at Andersonville was a Korea and Vietnam vet who raised money until the day he died of cancer for better Vet medical care. His widow, my grandma, was director of nursing at the VA hospital here in Dallas until she retired. So this is a HUGE deal for me. I can’t wait to hear every update you’ve got in store for me. Know that all us 20-somethings have got some heart to us. Thanks for everything. I’ll make it back to south Georgia soon, I promise!

  2. I haven.t finished reading yet U are booked marked so i can find ya I like to say Good luck and i wish i could ride with ya on the Quest for the homeless .. Mane reason is it took me half my life to get off the street I had to do the hard way!!! Wish i new of programs to make it some what easyer. I.m just 1 check from getting back to the street now i.ve 2 kids i cant do it… Wouldn.t be able to look my kids in the eyes. i wouldn.t be able to live with myself. Will good Luck i like to Hear Mre of all of it.. Thank You Ron

  3. Hi Jerry…

    God bless you for this effort on behalf of the homeless ! Send me an address and i will send you some $$$ for your trip.

    I was in Vietnam in 1970 with the 101st ABN Division, and I bet you were in Danang with the rest of the lucky Navy guys !!

    I was up in I Corps, North of Hue on an old marine base, Camp Evans on Hwy 1.

    Best of luck..we may be older, but us Boomers are bolder !! send that address !!

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