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Guatemala Cancer Injustice Fight for Poor Women [Video]

There’s more to South America than just corrupt governments. Be sure to check out this post! Guatemala Cancer Injustice Fight for Poor Women [Video]. Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist covering social justice issues globally.  Currently based in South America, Jerry could use your help in his latest crowdfunded project.

jerry nelson

Coming to Argentina for a Visit? Get Shot!

Every year thousands of Americans visit Argentina. Tango, empanadas and Evita are on the “must-do” list of many. A few though will encounter something they don’t want to run into. Diseases which are barely a problem in the US can still be contracted when visiting the land of Tango. By taking some precautions, your trip…

jerry nelson

Behind the Story: What is that Smell in Argentina?

The other day, I wrote a piece for GuardianLV called “What is that Smell in Argentina?” Briefly it was about the rising tension in Argentina due to President Kirchner’s bungling of the economy and the corrupt nature of her administration. All pretty reasonable and can be proven. No one doubts that Argentina’s economy is heading…

Here’s a phone, go be a reporter

Originally posted on #iphonereporting:
It sounds ridiculous, and it is. Far too many news organizations — most notably newspapers — have tossed smartphones to trained journalists, and expected them to assume new responsibilities, and immediately deliver the same quality content they did on traditional gear. I consider that journalistic malpractice. While news managers have noticed…

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Confronting an Ethical Dilemma as a Photographer

Ever been caught in the dilemma of “do-I-take-the-image-now?” Lots of photojournalists have.  Here’s one way to approach the ethical dilemma of shoot, or don’t shoot.   When to take a photograph? The ethics and privacy of photographing a person in grief or tragedy — and when to step in to help or to comfort a…