From Recluse Nanny to Photography Genius

Starting Typing your opinion here   You never know where youll find genius. John Maloof discovered it at an auction house in Chicago seven years ago, when he stumbled across a box of photo negatives that changed his life. They were street scenes thousands of them and Maloof, then 29, thought theyd come in handy…

jerry nelson

Guatemala Cancer Injustice Fight for Poor Women [Video]

There’s more to South America than just corrupt governments. Be sure to check out this post! Guatemala Cancer Injustice Fight for Poor Women [Video]. Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist covering social justice issues globally.  Currently based in South America, Jerry could use your help in his latest crowdfunded project.

jerry nelson

Coming to Argentina for a Visit? Get Shot!

Every year thousands of Americans visit Argentina. Tango, empanadas and Evita are on the “must-do” list of many. A few though will encounter something they don’t want to run into. Diseases which are barely a problem in the US can still be contracted when visiting the land of Tango. By taking some precautions, your trip…