Guest Posts from JourneyAmerica: To be released soon!

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 10.35.16 AMFrom America to Africa and Europe to South America, seems like there are many people getting on board with this blog, JourneyAmerica.

For some reason, JourneyAmerica has become a popular place for folks that want to tell travel stories as well as photography tips.

The popularity hit a new high last week when there were over 25,000 unique visitors from 75 different countries all within one 24-hour period.


I’m pulling together some of the more popular guest blogs and compiling them into a book which should be available in the next couple of weeks.

While it’s too late to get your guest post into this book, I just might think about doing a second one on down the road.

So get your submissions in.

To tell your friends about the book, be sure to click the small image of the cover.

Most popular #guestblogs from  Compilation... on Twitpic

 Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist from America.  His latest book of photography, Suenitos tells the story of the only daycare inside the dangerous Hidden City.  Now based in Argentina, he continues to turn his lens on social justice issues around the globe.  Connect with Jerry on MosaicHub, Facebook or LinkedIn today.  Have a story that needs to reach national media?  Email him today.

In addition to being photo editor for the Internet’s largest collection of Travel Articles, Outbounding, he is also the lead photographer for BuenosTours, the specialists in private walking tours of Buenos Aires

Find Jerry on Google+

Are you a blogger? Journalist? Photographer?  Get your work featured on JourneyAmerica.  As a Guest, you can link up to three times back to your website, your portfolio or your business.  To see some of the other guests that have been featured, select “Guest Post” category on the right side of the screen in “the cloud”.  Questions?  Email me today.

Every week I get many requests from bloggers, publishers and editors to provide content..  While I’m always glad to help out, sometimes the amount of work requested can get a little overwhelming.  I’ve enlisted “MuckRack” to help me sort out the pitches. If you’ve emailed me an inquiry about providing content and I haven’t answered, I’m not ignoring you.  I just haven’t dug that far down in my emails yet.  To make doubly sure you get your pitch noticed, please click on the “MuckRack” button and enter your request there.  Thanks for understanding!

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